Thursday, June 6, 2013

Estrada Going Away Party

Colorful Colorado is a place of pure beauty and place that keeps you in a constant awe of God's creation; A place that has always been home in my heart. So it's hard to imagine that anyone would want to leave this place. Which brings me to the latest party I threw for our family who decided to move back to their home in NC. We will miss them terribly but understand they must do what's best for them and their family.  So with a heavy heart I share with you a party that was filled with love, laughter and many tears. Enjoy!

Dessert Table: Our Dessert table had a mountain cake surrounded by a cupcake forest, Colorado themed sugar cookies and candies. Which we named Moose Poop (chocolate covered nuts) and Colorado Snowballs (yogurt covered malt balls).


Decorations: For decorations we kept it pretty simple considering I only had a week to prepare.  I made a Colorado flag and Colorado map banner.  Then I strung up the phrase Bon Voyage over the Huge Colorado Flag. Finally I went out back and picked up some pine tree branches and pine cones and placed them around the table. 

Food and Drinks: Again we kept it simple just had a normal BBQ and soda for drinks. But if you know me by now I had to have some food that went with the theme so a Colorado party wouldn't be authentic without Rocky Mountain Oysters and Deer Sausage. The Rocky Mountain Oysters was the funniest part for me.... First telling the guest they were fried pickles so they would try them then with a smirk revealing to them that they were actually chewing on cow balls. LOL!

Well that's it! Thank you again for viewing my page and loving parties as much as I do. Stay tuned for my daughter's 4th birthday party :)