Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aden's Justice League Superhero Party

"It's a bird, It's a place, It's Superman!"

           My son has been crazy about Superhero's lately..... so much so that he wears a cape every where he goes. So it was a no brainer that for his 6th birthday party I would be throwing him a Superhero party; Justice league to be more specific. For my own twist we are going old school and Aden prefers it that way, thankfully because my husband and I always preferring to have the kids watch 80's cartoons instead of the weird stuff out now. I had to do a lot of thinking to incorporate what I wanted in this one because The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, etc.... changed the faces of the superhero faces I loved as a kid, But I came up with a party I loved and one that I know Aden will always remember. Enjoy!

DECORATIONS: For the decorations I wanted everything to focus around a city skyline and a phone booth so that when Aden's guests arrived they could go into the phone booth and pick out they costumes inside (which was filled with Superhero masks and different colored capes). My favorite part was watching them come out making their grand entrance. I also geared the rest of the decorations around the original Justice League's color scheme.

SNACKS, DESSERTS AND DRINKS: For desserts I wanted to have each item represent a Justice League character. The Lollipops were for Green Lantern. The Cupcakes were for Superman. The cake was for Batman (because he is Aden's favorite character). The Sugar Cookies were for Flash. The Yellow Licorice was for Wonder Woman. The gum balls were for Hawk Girl. And the drinks were for Martian Manhunter. I also tried to add an old comic book feel with how I decorated the dessert table.



PARTY FAVORS AND GAMES: For the gift "bags" I made each person a secret identity kit that included glasses, a mustache and a secret identity ID badge. For the games I made a bomb piƱata and I got some black water balloons for the kids to chase and catch the bad guys. Chasing the bad guys was my son's favorite part!

Special shout out to Etsy and Pinterest for helping me figure out my own twist on ideas. And thank you again to the viewers for continuing to come back and renewing my faith that this is what I should be doing :)
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