Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aden's Phineas and Ferb Party

"I know what we are going to do today! ... Hey, Where's Perry?"
My son has loved this show for awhile now and I must admit I love it too. Honestly I never thought I would love any cartoon that wasn't from the 80's but Disney has proven me wrong over and over again with their cartoon series Phineas and Ferb. So when my son's 5th birthday was approaching their was no question what his theme would be. Below are some of the pictures from his party. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed putting it together for my amazing son!
We had Agent P flying in on his parachute, Phineas and Ferb themed Standees and Phineas and Ferb Mylar Balloons.


We had Perry The Platypus Mini Cakes, Phineas and Ferb Cake Push Pops, Perry's Hat Marshmallow Cookie Pops, Chocolate Foil Balls, And Beautiful Cookies and Cake Made by Etsy and Cake Crumbs Bakery.

Food and Beverages
Food and beverages was really fun for this party. As you will see all of the food was created from Phineas and Ferb episodes! We had Mr. Slushy Dawg and Slushy Burger Stand; Sadly Jeremy was not working that day :) We also had Phineas and Ferb Jell-O Jigglers (from the Day of the Living Gelatin episode) , A Perry The Platypus Watermelon (from the episode where they help Baljeet win the biggest watermelon competition) , and Snow Cones (from the S'Winter episode). Our beverage of choice had to be the famous P & F Lemonade (form the Lemonade stand episode).

Party Favors and Activities
For Party Favors we had Agent P Hats and goodie bags filled with things are secret agents would need; such as Binoculars, Hand Cuffs, a Magnifying Glass, Perry The Platypus Noise Makers, and Agent P Lollipops. For our activities we went to Jump Street (from the Jumping Castle episode) and last but not least, we had a Evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz Pinata to beat up! (made by Etsy)

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog and my business, Festive Enchantments.

Goodbye from Phineas and Ferb :)