Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the beginning.....

       So since I have some time on my hands, because I am between parties, I thought I would share with you the parties I created before I started Festive Enchantments. You will soon see that my love for parties started with my two adorable kids and the desire to create an imaginary world that was real for them. Below are pictures from birthday parties, holiday parties and special events. Thank you again for viewing my blog and I hope you enjoy the wide variety of pictures below! :)

My son's 1st Birthday Party; a Knight Party!

The Dungeon

Photo Opportunity was in the dungeon

Mirror, Mirror on the wall....
Who is the most precious boy of them all?
I set up the TV so when you pressed play it showed you a picture slide show of our son, the most precious boy of them all!

Dragon Cake

My daughter's 1st Birthday Party; a Care Bear Party!

Photo Opportunity was taking a picture in the cloud car!

I made everyone Belly Patches!

The Care Bear Cake

My son's 2nd Birthday Party; Shrek Party!
Shrek Cake

Pin the Tail on Donkey!

My daughter's 2nd Birthday Party; Minnie Mouse Party!

Pin the Bow on Minnie!

Minnie Chocolate Carmel Apple!

Toy Story Party!
I made Potato Head cake pops, Hamm and Alien cupcakes, and Jessie and Woody cookies!

Halloween Party
 Halloween Cake

Bloody Vampire Punch

Watermelon Brain

Fruit Eyeballs

My Brother's Rehearsal Dinner

My brother loves to Skateboard! So I had everyone sign a skateboard for the happy couple.

His other love is Golf. So I made him a coconut Golf Ball Cake!

Remember if you would like to view these entire parties please visit my page on Facebook! Also if you have any question please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :)